We will move toward the End of All Suffering with the arts.

"My  medium is the Earth and the internet. Yours may be music, writing, painting, sculpting, poetry, comedy, photography, opinion, performance and any other beautiful expression that must be shared with all."
- James Gray Mason (founder).

New and aspiring artists of all forms of free expression:

Thank you for considering the absolutely free promotion of your art with us!

Please use the contact form below to introduce yourself. Be sure to provide links to any media you have published. Because End All Suffering expresses a variety of opinions in social and political context you need to approve that your expressions can appear on social networks along with that content. You will be contacted for an understanding of your promotions on the end All Suffering social network accounts.

End All Suffering

James with Leonardo's The Mona Lisa. At a pizza joint. "Piece of cake old friend."

Music Arts:

​It is the creative flow of music that brings us the most hope and joy throughout our busy days on Earth. Our music here is an artistic form of self expression that aides us in our growth as time’s experience of that impassable flow of forward of the arrow is linear, so is that wonderful sound of melody with rhythms of the mathematical beauty of sound. Those notes and that rhythm are entwined and begin a new thought process. Those notes carry with them a plea from the artist to both understand who they are and what they feel and to enjoy the expression of that beautiful human who wrote the music.

End All Suffering wants to support the art of music as a necessary soundtrack toward the End of All Suffering on Earth. The foundation will promote new artists regularly.

Visual Arts:

The visual and tactile arts are the oldest form of free expression on Earth. Thousands of years before the first language was written, the earliest homo sapiens were making drawings on the walls of caves, assembling stones into shapes and symbols of meaning, assembling jewelry of bead work and stitching together beauty in fabric.

That time began almost 40,000 years ago on this blue spherical artwork of the cosmos. In modern anthropology we call this time: the era of the brain expansion. We had the time. We found within us the ability to create an expression of ourselves. Those who make that time to express themselves deserve our attention. What they do is beautiful and must be shared. As we work toward the End of All Suffering we must embrace that which describes us best - that art.

The visual arts are there to see in dimensions. They are what we see, what we touch, what we can smell, what we see in these dimensions of shape, of color and of all our senses.

Comedic Arts:

Laughter will follow us toward the End of All Suffering because we must laugh at ourselves. This culture is not only full of many terrible people doing horrific things, but those of us who are silly and can laugh at the ridiculous greatly outnumber them. For this fact I feel gratitude daily. We must mock ourselves. We need the parody and the comical perspectives of those who are brilliantly capable of showing us that perspective.

We will promote those of comedic brilliance who need to be seen and heard. We will revel in gratitude that they exist for us. Welcome comedians and those who love to laugh to the End of All Suffering. If someone is being hilarious, don’t take a chance and please swallow your milk while looking away.

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Literature Arts:

Poetry and Spoken Word Arts:

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All issues dear to my heart are impacted by crisis in the United States. Progress on Earth is threatened until the madman is removed from office.

The opinions. A launch point. Advocacy. The arts. This page will also be a format for this page (here and now or then). 

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This concept was his first: Buddha’s Analysis of Suffering. From the ISBVVC.