End All Suffering

This concept was his first: Buddha’s Analysis of Suffering. From the ISBVVC.

All issues dear to my heart are impacted by crisis in the United States. Progress on Earth is threatened until the madman is removed from office.

The opinions. A launch point. Advocacy. The arts. This page will also be a format for this page (here and now or then). 

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Launched on 11.25.2014:

2018- present: RECENTLY at



WISH, the experiment in

time travel communication

that WAS successful before it was CREATED: 

Discovered and validated throughout 2018, is that the Drop for me is

The Alien Stone; the 
communications (several documented) were from 
Lia all this time. The Robbery of the 1-ton boulder is completed. The labor to remove the technology is proceeding! Cool! Real, I swear it; this experiment cannot be discredited, that is assured. I have wanted the world to watch, but the social media ocean is vast, and I am small and poor and the New York Times science desk won't even call to ask a question regarding my 2 emails in 2-years. I won't contact any small media, not for this discovery; let them find me. Soon the practical purpose for all my work for 4-years will be in hand, and hope will come to every corner of the planet. - James

One day (after Trump) I will be looking for smart and passion driven folks.

At that time I encourage the best to get on-board with the NEVER for profit company that will change the world. Change is embraced here. Hunger must end. Kids must rise-up to full potential. Music and art and comedy will follow us. Science education must be embraced as our best hope for the future. Education must become a world wide priority.  Change is upon us and it is coming fast. This Earth is soon going to be a very different planet. 

Above: The graphic from early February, 2015, when I first entertained it may be true and was beside myself with joy and anticipation of the amazing happening to me and to all of us here, now. A year and a month later I still feel it. I am sharing that joy and hope with the world, now. 

​I am the discoverer of Paradox-One. This is only relevant to the End All Suffering foundation because it is likely that I successfully made myself a target. The end of all suffering is what I want and I know we can do it. A breach of spacetime on Earth was likely. I saw it as so.  To my joy I discovered that I was successful before I created the website: http:TimeTravelWish.com in November of 2014.

Few in the world know it or will recognize it is true because we're a very competitive and very self absorbed people at this time and many of us cannot fathom the possible. We really can't fathom it happens to a person without higher academic credentials who is not a scientist. But I do. I not only imagine the possible but I begin those imaginings with what we know currently and the history of humankind’s progress. I then see those possibilities as reasonable in our future. We have been given another chance. That was my feeling about possibility when I chose to create Time Travel Wish on a whim and that shall remain a code of behavior that I wish we could all embrace.

I had owned all of the End All Suffering and Stop All Suffering domain names for a few years prior to the discovery and my realization: "I must keep them. I must make them what they can be: the most aggressive and the greatest charity on Earth." Now I need humanity to get-on-board with my vision. It is going to rock.      - James out!

James, 2017

2015 in May. The time when I realized it is true and I should begin to embrace the possibility that I had done it.


That time is when this out-spoken atheist realized: 

"I will never again disrespect any faith on this planet that is providing hope and positivity to the people here."

That old (disrespectful) inverted cross, now repaired, has become the symbol you see gracing this beautiful planet on the logo for the End All Suffering foundation. It is covering the Earth in the darkness of its shadow but I have confidence that there shall be light underneath. That is why the continent of Africa is exhibiting an abundance of vegetation.  Do NOT look at my nipples in that top picture!

My change is ours now. My hope for all of us is ours now. 

Saudações amigos brasileiros! Meu amor a seu belo país!

On April, 28, 2016, the experiment took-a-leap. After a timed and publicly posted request for communication was answered by a third party in a manner that strongly indicated a validation of the experiment.  Humans could not have done this alone. I suspected after an incident in March that had indicated I should try a controlled test. - James out! 

Explore the notes of the amateur experiment in time travel that will BLOW the MINDS of many:


A spontaneous communication to me to lift hope and signify several other aspects of the communication channel now established. Details on TimeTravelWish.org.